Illawarra Shoalhaven

Circular Economy

In recent years all level of Government have developed a focus on transitioning to a circular principles – keeping materials and resources in the productive economy.  To support member Councils, the ISJO is delivering a project to investigate regional waste flows, supply chains and potential uses for materials that at present are thrown away.  The objective is to identify viable market opportunities to maximise and retain the value of these currently wasted resources through a review of existing datasets as well as stakeholder consultation.  As a minimum, this investigation will open our region to a series of circular economy opportunities that will be commercially, environmentally and socially viable.  It will also address the national ban on the export of target materials including glass, plastics, tyres, paper and cardboard.  While some great examples of innovative processing infrastructure to divert resources from landfill currently exist across the region, this project highlights expansion of these initiatives and assesses the feasibility of alternative infrastructure including waste to energy.  In addition, with connectivity links within the region to both Australian and international markets, the outcomes of a circular economy white paper will allow the region’s productivity to be maximised.

be maximised.