Illawarra Shoalhaven

Regional Energy Strategy

The four Illawarra Shoalhaven Councils have embraced the need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to limit (mitigate) the impacts of climate change.  To this end Shoalhaven, Kiama, Shellharbour and Wollongong Councils have implemented a multitude of projects, plans and strategies to drive their organisations and the wider community along pathways towards net zero emissions.

Recognising the key roles that Councils play in supporting organisational and community change, the Joint Organisation Net Zero Acceleration (JONZA) program was established by the NSW Government as a two-way supportive mechanism to develop further regional net zero opportunities.  Funding for dedicated net zero coordinators was provided across regional NSW, including the Illawarra Shoalhaven, for a twelve month period and the program has recently been renewed for a second year.

An ISJO Net Zero Project Control Group (PCG) was formed with membership from ISJO Councils and other key stakeholders.  The PCG worked to strengthen collaboration between Councils and State Government agencies and other regional stakeholders.  The PCG also drove the development of an Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Energy Strategy.  This Strategy – released at the end of June 2024 – was a key deliverable of the first stage of the JONZA program and will set the scene for a series of initiatives in what is being described as “JONZA 2.0”.

Focus of this Regional Energy Strategy

Our Regional Energy Strategy provides an overview of current Council progress on achieving net zero operational emissions from energy sources and identifies opportunities in developing Council and regionally based frameworks for further actions.

The Strategy includes:

  • Identifying the current frameworks and activities in place for Councils to reduce operational emissions,
  • Recommending strategic pathways to further reduce the emissions from these areas of Council operations, and
  • Support for the community’s transition to a clean energy basis.

To access a full copy of our Regional Energy Strategy please click on the Strategy image above or on the following link.