Illawarra Shoalhaven

Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy

The updated Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Waste Strategy 2022-2027 is a forward-looking plan designed to integrate sustainable waste management practices across the Illawarra Shoalhaven region.  The strategy is predicated on an ambition to support our Region’s consolidation as a confident, vibrant, and productive area that prioritises environmental protection through sustainable waste management and the adoption of a circular economy model.

Key Themes:

The strategy is underpinned by three pivotal themes that guide its objectives and actions:

  1. Avoidance, Reuse, and Recovery of Resources:

Encouraging practices that prevent waste generation, promote the reuse of materials, and facilitate the recovery of resources from waste streams.

  1. Protection of the Environment:

Implementing measures to safeguard the natural environment from the adverse effects of waste.

  1. Strategic Leadership and Collaboration for Sustainable Material Management:

Fostering partnerships and collaborative efforts among stakeholders to enhance the sustainable management of materials

The Circular Economy and its Benefits:

Central to the Strategy is the promotion of a circular economy. 

The Circular Economy model shifts away from the traditional linear approach of “take, make, dispose” to one where products and resources such as old furniture, obsolete electronics and excess food are reused, repurposed or recycled thereby returning them to the productive economy.

The adoption of a circular economy is expected to not only protect the environment but also stimulate economic growth through the creation of new sectors and jobs and the encouragement of innovation and design across the region.

A full copy of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy may be accessed by clicking on the image above or clicking here