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Household Chemicals

Household chemicals can be disposed of at scheduled Household Chemical CleanOut events.  In conjunction with your local Council, the NSW Environment Protection Authority hosts this mobile collection service which is available to NSW householders to assist in safe disposal of chemicals including household cleaners, pool and hobby chemicals, pesticides and solvents.


The ISJO supports member Councils in delivering regional communication and education to support residents and visitors to access Community Recycling Centres.  Over the five years from 2017 to 2022, the ISJO has secured over $325,000 in grant funding to deliver innovative campaigns to raise awareness of the issues of incorrect disposal of problem household waste and how communities can actually recycle these items for free.


From local advertisements on radio, bus backs, cinema, newsprint drink coasters and social media – to community events, hardware and retailer displays, tip tours and even bike billboards – communities have been guided to safely recycle problem wastes.


Through fourteen facilities across five local Councils, residents and visitors to the region have dropped of a whopping 1,914 tonnes of problem household waste for recycling! 

In addition to this, 40 tonnes of household chemicals and problem wastes are collected through Household Chemical CleanOut events each year!


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