Illawarra Shoalhaven


Regional Litter Plan

Litter is a persistent issue which has serious and long-lasting environmental impacts, particularly due to our region’s proximity to the coast.  With support from our Councils, key community groups and funding from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the ISJO is committed to raising awareness around the social responsibility of stopping litter at the source and supporting responsible disposal behaviour.  Across the state, NSW exceeded the Premier’s litter reduction target of 40% by 2020 – achieving a 43% reduction in litter volume.  New litter targets have been established though the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 and the NSW Plastics Action Plan to drive:

  • 30% reduction in plastic litter items by 2025
  • 60% reduction in all litter items by 2030

The EPA sponsored Litter – Regional Implementation Program

(L-RIP) has been embraced by the ISJO and member Councils and will continue to be an integral tool to deliver litter prevention plans and actions across the region.  Over five years and across five funding stages from 2016 – 2021, the ISJO has secured $515,122 in grant funds to deliver both strategic and on-ground litter prevention projects for ISJO Councils.

$515,122 in grant funding

91 hotspot sites

65 clean-up events

132 new litter bins

56 community engagement events

291 new signs

6 pathway art installations

138 semi-permanent path decals

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