Illawarra Shoalhaven

Wood Waste Circular Ecosystem

This innovative and multidisciplinary project aims to create a circular ecosystem for wood waste that provides economic, social and environmental benefits. A central theme of the project is to develop tangible and practical outcomes to avoid wood and wood-based products going to landfill, and develop a scalable and replicable framework that can be applied to other material types. The project initially develops a material flow analysis for NSW which will assist in mapping supply chains and takes into account logistics. From these results, hots spots will be identified as promising locations to evaluate and trial a circular ecosystem based on the matchmaking marketplace concepts of bringing together supply and demand stakeholders. Through the key phases of this project, the experience and industry knowledge of key stakeholders will support technical analysis to frame both barriers and opportunities, identifying new frameworks for business as usual. By analyzing data, and working through the multiple challenges of transport logistics, material contaminates, and market supply and demand, this project will model a process of co-designed solutions for wasted wood. Illegal dumping of asbestos can have a serious impact on public health and cause contamination of our environment.  Illegal dumping of asbestos can incur fines of up to $500,000 for individuals and $2 million for corporations.