Illawarra Shoalhaven

RID - Landfill


Are you a landholder accepting fill on your property?


Did you know fines for individuals accepting contaminated fill can be as much as $7,500? Don’t risk hefty fines and clean-up costs!

Before accepting fill on your land, check with your council to find out if filling of land is permitted and what approvals are required.


What you can do:

  1. Check if filling is permitted and what council approvals are required
  2. Check the credentials of anyone who offers you free or cheap fill
  3. Never accept fill from unknown sources
  4. Ask the supplier to prove that the fill isn’t contaminated by providing certificates for virgin excavated natural material (VENM)
  5. Supervise and inspect all loads of incoming fill
  6. Record details of all transporters bringing fill onto your property
  7. Keep copies of all documents

If you suspect someone is supplying or receiving contaminated fill, report the details to your local Council or report on-line. Details can be found on the EPA site.

Report Illegal Dumping today via RIDonline. More information can be obtained from the NSW EPA site.