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State Priority Weeds

State Priority Weeds

All state listed priority weeds are subject to specific regulatory measures as detailed within the Biosecurity Act 2015 and supporting regulations.

Prohibited Matter – Extreme/High Risk.

State Objective – Prevent Entry into NSW.

Includes weeds that could have a significant adverse impact on the economy, environment or community of NSW. Generally includes weeds either not found in Australia or may be present in another State or Territory but not in NSW. It is prohibited to deal with these weeds except in the most limited and controlled circumstances. i.e. under permit.


Control Order – Medium/High Risk

State Objective – Eradicate the weed from NSW      

The Act allows for the creation of Control Orders to deal with high priority new weed species in NSW. Control Orders are made to identify requirements for eradication of new species. 


Biosecurity Zones –Medium Risk                                                

State Objective – Minimise and manage the risk. Contain the spread of the weed within NSW and reduce impact where it occurs       

The Act allows for the creation of Biosecurity Zones to deal with high priority emerging weed species. Biosecurity zones are used to provide for longer term management of emerging species that can be contained but for which eradication (at the state level) is no longer considered feasible. Focus is on containment, minimising the risk of spread and its impact in the affected area.


Asset Protection –   Low Risk             

State Objective – Minimise the spread of the weed so as to protect priority assets.

These weeds are Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) and are widely distributed in some areas of the State. They must not be imported into the state or sold. Only those species that do not have additional regional outcomes and regional strategic requirements are listed here.  

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