Illawarra Shoalhaven


The transport system in the Illawarra Shoalhaven region manages journeys for business, freight, commuters and tourism.  The system is fragile owing to the region’s geography with a coastal strip, narrow hinterland and steep escarpment leading to a focus on north-south connectivity.  Added pressures include a growing population, limited public transport, and a heavy dependence on road transport with freight access to Port Kembla and use of private vehicles.  The ISJO considers that a smart and accessible region can strategically plan for infrastructure connectivity by using our location with access to an international port, interstate air transport and existing and proposed rail corridors to catalyse regional investment.  Opportunities also exist to reduce dependence on private vehicles with longer-term integrated land-use planning for live-work-play residential settlements, commuter hubs with parking, communal bikes/cars and on demand bus services and ride sharing.