Illawarra Shoalhaven

Regional Priority Weeds

Regional Priority Weeds

Regional level priority weeds were determined by the South East Regional Weeds Committee in consultation with the community and interested stakeholders. All regionally listed priority weeds are the subject of General Biosecurity Duty obligations.  


Prevention – Very High Risk

Regional Objective- To prevent the weed species arriving and establishing in the region

These weeds are not known to be present in the region but have a high likelihood and arriving in the region due to potential distribution and /or an existing high risk pathway. They are highly invasive and a high threat.


Eradicate – High Risk

Regional Objective – To permanently remove these species from the region or if that is not practicable destroy all known infestations so as to reduce the extent of the weed in the region with the aim of local eradication

These weeds are present in the region to a limited extent and they have a high feasibility of coordinated control.


Contain – Medium Risk

Regional Objective – to prevent the ongoing spread of the species in all or parts of the region

These weeds are common but not widespread. They generally occur within a defined core area. Regional containment strategies aim to prevent spread of the weed from invaded core areas (core infestation) and /or exclude the weed from uninvaded parts of the region (exclusion zone).


Asset Protection – Low Risk

Regional Objective – To prevent the spread of these weeds to key sites/assets of high economic, environmental and social value, or to reduce their impact on these sites if spread and establishment has already occurred 

These weeds are widespread in the region and unlikely to be eradicated or contained in the regional context. Effort is focused on reducing weed threats to protect priority high value assets.


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