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RID - Report Illegal Dumping

Report Illegal Dumping

Litter and illegal dumping means tossing, tipping or depositing waste on land and in water, where it pollutes the environment and can harm human health.

Dumped materials range from a piece of litter and small bags of rubbish to larger scale dumping of hazardous waste such as asbestos and chemicals in isolated bushland areas. Cleaning up this waste is expensive.

Litter and illegal dumping are serious problems in NSW. By working together we can:

  • Reduce the problem by keeping our bushland, parks and public spaces clean
  • Protect people and the environment from hazardous waste
  • Spread the message that littering and illegal dumping are wrong and offenders will be penalised
  • Increase reporting of illegal dumping and

Report Illegal Dumping today via RIDonline. More information can be obtained from the NSW EPA site.